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That's Who I Am

It's My Life (aka) What A Way To Wanna Be!

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  • crystel_dream@livejournal.com
This bio is under construction (although at the rate I do anything on LJ these days it may be a while in the construction) as I got bored with the old one. New bio hopefully before the New Year.


And everything else listed in my Interests list and below, including:

The Main Men

River Phoenix - My favourite actor of all time.
Callum Keith Rennie
Victor Webster (Brennan Mulwray in Mutant X - for anyone who may be interested).
Henry Cavill
Ben Barnes
Tom Ward
Orlando Bloom
James Howard
Keith & Derek Brewer
Ricky Martin
Drew Fuller
Jared Leto
Michael Weatherly
Adam Rodriguez
Jonathan Togo
Michael Shanks
Jason Momoa
Shemar Moore
Mark Harmon
Joe Flanigan
Paul Gross
Ben Affleck
Chris Carmack (From The O.C.)
Nick Carter

Places To Visit In My Lifetime!

New Zealand Feb/March 2009
The Maldives
The Great Barrier Reef
Caracas, Venezuela
Brazilian Rainforest (what's left of it)
See the Seven Wonders of the World.


Narrow Minded People
People telling me what to do/think/believe.
Housework *g*

The WeatherPixie

This beautiful header/signature was made especially for me by the wonderfully talented november86. Thank you SO MUCH hun. I love it! :D

The above banner courtesy of andy_di

Links to my wishlists (Please Note: This is for my own benefit really so that I can find the entries easily to edit as and when I get the items on the list)

Books: http://crystel-dream.livejournal.com/48381.html#cutid1
DVDs : http://crystel-dream.livejournal.com/48078.html#cutid1

Journal header and background designed for me by halfbloodmeicon. *HUGE hugs* Thanks sis :D